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Proof Is In The Growth

How do you know if a business model works? It grows. New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC, is proud to celebrate 2013 as a year of triple digit growth. So much growth, in fact, we’ve had to move to a bigger facility.


So what’s behind all this growth? Well, our differences have always set us apart within the service contract industry and results show that these unique methods are defining our success. We know that everyone runs their businesses differently so we offer a variety of service plan options from several underwriters. If none of those quite fit, we’ll sit down and create a plan branded specifically for your business. These customized plans are what we have become known for and are responsible for directly growing our clients’ customer bases as well. They allow you to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations and gain their trust.


Substantial growth cannot be maintained without support. Just as a tree requires nourishment to flourish, so does your new service contract program. We provide administrative, technological and marketing support throughout the implementation of your new plan that includes training, reporting integration, data analytics and a suite of internally developed self-service tools.


Our numbers, however, are not the only aspect of our company that has experienced growth. For every ten contracts we sell, one tree is donated to our partner charity Plant-It-2020. This organization plants and protects trees worldwide to enhance the sustainability of our planet. Triple digit growth sure represents a lot of trees: in 2013 we planted over 7,000.


This growth is all connected: as we grow, so do our clients, their customers and the world’s forests. Thank you for making 2013 grow!