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Pay It Forward

These days, paying it forward is a major aspect of our society. Through the haze of the bad news that seems never-ending, a little glimmer of home is our society’s willingness to extend their blessings and good fortune forward to those who have less or to future generations. And thankfully, these movements are gaining more publicity.

Earlier in 2014, a wealthy real estate developer decided to share his earnings with strangers around the country. Every few days, he would post on his Twitter account, @HiddenCash, where envelopes of money would be hidden. For quite some time, the donor remained anonymous – he did not want the publicity or the praise for his work, only for those who received envelopes of cash to pass their fortune on. The trend caught on and various other cities and wealthy individuals started their own, smaller-scale Hidden Cash events. The consistent message, however, was to use the money to make the world around you a better place.

Similarly, a few years ago, a Random Acts of Kindness movement started up in neighborhoods around the United States. People were paying for patrons behind them in line for a car wash, or leaving a random $20 bill in a book at the library for an unsuspecting stranger to find. Neighbors were shoveling sidewalks of elderly community members or offering to run errands for those that might be homebound. Their commitment to making the day of someone else brighter made us at New Leaf think about what we are doing and our Corporate Social Responsibility.

New Leaf Service Contracts has partnered with Plant-It 2020 to show our commitment to making the world a better place and leaving the earth better than we found it. In terms of corporate social responsibility, Plant-It 2020’s mission aligns with our passion for renewal. We chose Plant-It 2020 because their commitment to the environment matched our commitment to the service contract industry.

For every 10 contracts sold, they plant a tree that will help make the earth a better place for years to come. Our contracts and our customers are important to us and we know our customers value a commitment to paying it forward.

To date, New Leaf Service Contracts has planted more than 50,000 trees in communities like yours and ours. We have pledged to continue this commitment to both our customers and our environment as long as our contracts are being sold. We’re just doing our part to continue the cycle of paying it forward.

To learn more about the Plant-It 2020 Foundation, visit: