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New Leaf Partners with Azione Unlimited

New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC and Azione Unlimited announce that they have formed a unique partnership to supply the Azione Unlimited members with the industry’s most complete and easy to understand service contract program for the custom integration/installation market.

Members of Azione now have access to a program that allows them to offer the most complete solution to their customers. Today’s customers are expecting their dealer to take care of their systems from programming, installation, and repair. The new program allows the members to keep the customers happy and their systems in good operating order for years to come, while making the profits to keep their business growing.

“New Leaf is very excited to be partnering with Richard and his members from Azione Unlimited”, said Sean M Hicks, CEO, New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC. “The membership is growing and the group continues to bring new and unique benefits and vendors to help the members meet their business goal of profitable growth.”

Richard Glikes, President, Azione Unlimited said, “New Leaf’s approach to the custom integration market is refreshing. They want to make a program easy to sell and understand by the members and the customers they serve. The program will help achieve the goals of the members.”

For more information on the new relationship between Azione Unlimited and New Leaf, please contact, Sean Hicks at (972)573-1268 or

About Azione Unlimited:
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