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Finding the Right Balance

We know a lot of people out there like to say they care a whole lot about their customers, and many of them might. But when your business is on the line, how can you tell if they actually do?


Recently, my family and I visited a popular grocery chain here in Texas. My wife asked an employee stationed nearby which pastry mix came the closest to an authentic English scone. We’d recently traveled to London and both of us were craving them. The employee shook his head and said ‘Definitely not the one with blueberries.’ He then escorted us to the dried fruits section and explained that while on his most recent visit to England, he stayed with a friend who made scones with a specific type of dried currant berry. The store had the berry in stock and he filled a bag with them for us. He suggested a brand of mix to use and wrote down some alterations to the recipe on the back of the box. Then, just to ensure would have the most accurate of scone-eating experiences, he said, “Make sure you let me know what you think. This isn’t the only traditional English scone recipe and once you try these you’ll want to know the others.”


It’s quite simple really. You can spot how much a company values its customers by the level of service they provide. Are they passionate about their product, do they provide helpful insight and provide strategic plans that actually meet your goals?


We’d like to think that this experience explains how we feel about helping our clients in the service contract industry. Just ask any of them: they’ll tell you how New Leaf created just the right kind of service contract program for their business.


See, at New Leaf, we’ve never been too keen on traditional approaches. We don’t only want to see our business’s bottom line grow: we work hard to make sure that yours flourishes as well. That’s the advantage of choosing the right partner, no matter what the product or service. A partner that not only cares about the success of your business, but that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to accomplish the goals at hand and realize the potential of the future is necessary to thrive in the current marketplace. New Leaf wants to share what we have learned from our 50 years in the service contract industry and step in where we can to enhance your brand, create value for your customers and maximize profitability for your company.


According to Forrester, reliable information provided at the right time will be one of the top customer service needs forecast for businesses in 2014. Just like the grocer who went the extra mile to give us the best possible scone experience, it is how helpful and informative we are that makes the most difference to our customers. Check out our website (link), we have a whole system in place to take a look at what you’ve been doing, outline what you could be doing, then create and implement the systems necessary to grow and exceed what you thought was possible.


We offer many resources and data services that most mid-size retailers can’t afford to implement on their own. Let New Leaf make some key changes to the traditional approach and add in what really works.