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Different is Good.

We’ve noticed a thing or two about our clients over the years that are pretty remarkable. They sure care a lot about their customers. And we at New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC believe sincerity is the most tangible element in any kind of relationship, especially business ones. Concentrating on your customer and delivering the best quality of goods and services is more than just business to us, it’s about cultivating and nourishing on-going relationships. We know that when your customers sign a contract, you’re committing goods and services you’ll be expected to deliver on for an extended length of time. We can help you meet those promises, overcome challenges along the way and exceed expectations so these relationships continue to grow.


As a whole, our clients tend not to be multinational corporations. They’re independent retailers intent on becoming the most reliable service to their pool of core customers. Helping you become the most ideal option in your customer segment is our ultimate goal. There’s no magic solution that works for everyone, that’s why we’ll partner with you to create products and procedures to meet the needs you’ve identified and haven’t found solutions for.


New Leaf service contracts allow dealers the flexibility to create a program around their clients’ needs. In addition to these custom programs, New Leaf provides further competitive advantage by developing branded marketing messaging, providing technical assistance such as staffed outbound call centers as well as direct mail and email tactics. We’ll help you develop a system to reach out to new customers and follow up with existing ones who opted out at the point of sale.


For example, Gotham Sales Co. located in Milburn, NJ, decided to switch from distributing for brands such as Sony, Admiral and Philco to New Leaf for service contract distribution. “We ended up developing a program for smaller-type dealers,” Danny Schwartzstein, President, said.


New Leaf worked with Gotham to develop a ServicePro card which customers take home and use to register their information on the website. By providing a system to capture customer data, New Leaf worked with what Gotham’s customers had access to, saving the retailer from having to put expensive systems in place and provided the technological resources they needed. “We are very pleased with how New Leaf expanded our existing resources and built our marketing foundation,” Danny says, “They really took our business to the next level.”


We don’t believe in traditional industry approaches because nobody’s the same. Together we can reach consumers differently, more effectively than your competitors in ways that will help them do better business. Let New Leaf help you grow your service contract business in a whole new way.