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Colder’s: A Case Study

Colder’s, an appliance and furniture retailer that is a partner of New Leaf’s based in Milwaukee, WI was looking to improve customer service, client retention and reduce product returns. Prior to working with New Leaf each of their five stores handled their own post-delivery calls, but struggled to track customer service, which was negatively impacting volume, retention rates and return customer loyalty.


Working together Colder’s and New Leaf were able to customize a solution for that responded to their specific needs and targeted their goals. Part of the unique plan included a proprietary My Colder’s Program, a vanity phone number and a dedicated team of agents to answer and respond to customer requests. We then received a daily feed on all Colder’s sales and tracked customer interactions. Using these tools for warranty and service both companies developed a program that lead to resounding success and achieved our stated goals through improved customer satisfaction.


In addition to creating the My Colder’s program, New Leaf and Colder’s created a free 2 year service contract for all appliances purchased at Colder’s. This allows Colder’s to offer something different and allows to compete against the big box retailers.  The rebate model used on the free service contract was used to fund the entire customer service program.


So did it work? Overwhelmingly, yes! Existing customers have been asked if they would shop at Colder’s again for their next appliance, and 94% respond that they would. These positive results helped to prove that small changes to existing infrastructure lead to huge improvements in customer retention, satisfaction and loyalty. Leaving the retailer’s employees time to focus energy on new sales and can leave customer service issues to New Leaf’s dedicated staff.


New Leaf’s customizable solutions allowed Colder’s to obtain their initial goals because New Leaf is truly unprecedented in the service contract industry. Each program is created for niche retailers that want underwriting and contract administration services for their customers, but don’t want the hassle or cost of the large contract providers. These retailers miss out time and time again because service costs are too high and they not customizable to their unique needs. Most unfortunate of all, these retailers are not getting the opportunity to fully serve their customers. Partnering with New Leaf affords growing retailers the chance to provide their customers with outstanding service options and stay competitive in the marketplace.


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Sean M. Hicks, CEO

New Leaf Service Contracts LLC