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New Leaf Partners with Azione Unlimited

New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC and Azione Unlimited announce that they have formed a unique partnership to supply the Azione Unlimited members with the industry’s most complete and easy to understand service contract program for the custom integration/installation market.

Members of Azione now have access to a program that allows them to offer the most complete solution to their customers. Today’s customers are expecting their dealer to take care of their systems from programming, installation, and repair. The new program allows the members to keep the customers happy and their systems in good operating order for years to come, while making the profits to keep their business growing.

“New Leaf is very excited to be partnering with Richard and his members from Azione Unlimited”, said Sean M Hicks, CEO, New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC. “The membership is growing and the group continues to bring new and unique benefits and vendors to help the members meet their business goal of profitable growth.”

Richard Glikes, President, Azione Unlimited said, “New Leaf’s approach to the custom integration market is refreshing. They want to make a program easy to sell and understand by the members and the customers they serve. The program will help achieve the goals of the members.”

For more information on the new relationship between Azione Unlimited and New Leaf, please contact, Sean Hicks at (972)573-1268 or

About Azione Unlimited:
Azione Unlimited is a consortium of like-minded dealers, customer retailers, integrators, and vendors. Together, we achieve greater levels of prosperity, technical acumen, and sophistication in running our businesses and serving our customers. Azione Unlimited’s core values of share, trust, and prosper are the keys to sustained profitability in an always-evolving market. For more information, visit

Fortegra Partners with New Leaf

Fortegra, a Tiptree Financial Inc. company (NASDAQ:TIPT), and New Leaf Services, LLC (New Leaf) announced a new partnership empowering Fortegra to provide underwriting, risk management, and regulatory compliance for new service contract programs launched by New Leaf.

The new relationship will combine the aggressive growth and rating of Fortegra with the innovation and deep industry knowledge of New Leaf to form a strong product offering for retailers looking for something new and different in the service contract industry.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Fortegra,” said Sean M. Hicks, Chief Executive Officer, New Leaf. “Fortegra has the reputation and financial rating that knowledgeable retailers in the service contract industry need.” We look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with their team.”

“New Leaf is filling a need in the service contract marketplace that Fortegra is excited to support,” added Executive Vice President Joe McCaw. “We’re pleased to be working with the entire New Leaf team and eager to continue building the Fortegra service contract portfolio.”

For more information on the new relationship between Fortegra and New Leaf, please contact, Sean Hicks at (972)573-1268 or

About Fortegra:

Fortegra, a Tiptree Financial Inc. company, is a single source insurance company that, through a network of preferred partners, offers a range of specialty program underwriting, credit protection, and warranty solutions. Delivering multi-faceted coverage with an unmatched service experience for both resellers and their customers, Fortegra solves immediate, everyday needs, empowering consumers to worry less and experience more. To learn more about Fortegra and its products, visit

More Americans Buying Extended Warranties

A new survey finds most consumers view extended warranties as a good deal. According to the survey of 1,000 consumers in November, Almost 5 in 6 consumers who have purchased extended warranties are satisfied with their decision.

Why? Because Americans want to sleep though the night. 71 percent say it’s worth paying a little more not to have to deal with the hassle of repairs. Tim Meenan, Executive director of the Service Contract Industry Council, says: service contracts, now available for everything from home theaters to home air-conditioning units, covered more than 95 percent of claims in 2012.

That’s exactly why New Leaf entered this growing market: to provide customers a service contract they trust and a responsive repair warranty that they can count on. Look for the New Leaf logo wherever you shop and know you have the best coverage in the industry.

Want to learn more about why more Americans are saying ‘yes’ to extended warranties?

Read more of Tim Meenan’s article here.

Pay It Forward

These days, paying it forward is a major aspect of our society. Through the haze of the bad news that seems never-ending, a little glimmer of home is our society’s willingness to extend their blessings and good fortune forward to those who have less or to future generations. And thankfully, these movements are gaining more publicity.

Earlier in 2014, a wealthy real estate developer decided to share his earnings with strangers around the country. Every few days, he would post on his Twitter account, @HiddenCash, where envelopes of money would be hidden. For quite some time, the donor remained anonymous – he did not want the publicity or the praise for his work, only for those who received envelopes of cash to pass their fortune on. The trend caught on and various other cities and wealthy individuals started their own, smaller-scale Hidden Cash events. The consistent message, however, was to use the money to make the world around you a better place.

Similarly, a few years ago, a Random Acts of Kindness movement started up in neighborhoods around the United States. People were paying for patrons behind them in line for a car wash, or leaving a random $20 bill in a book at the library for an unsuspecting stranger to find. Neighbors were shoveling sidewalks of elderly community members or offering to run errands for those that might be homebound. Their commitment to making the day of someone else brighter made us at New Leaf think about what we are doing and our Corporate Social Responsibility.

New Leaf Service Contracts has partnered with Plant-It 2020 to show our commitment to making the world a better place and leaving the earth better than we found it. In terms of corporate social responsibility, Plant-It 2020’s mission aligns with our passion for renewal. We chose Plant-It 2020 because their commitment to the environment matched our commitment to the service contract industry.

For every 10 contracts sold, they plant a tree that will help make the earth a better place for years to come. Our contracts and our customers are important to us and we know our customers value a commitment to paying it forward.

To date, New Leaf Service Contracts has planted more than 50,000 trees in communities like yours and ours. We have pledged to continue this commitment to both our customers and our environment as long as our contracts are being sold. We’re just doing our part to continue the cycle of paying it forward.

To learn more about the Plant-It 2020 Foundation, visit:

Finding the Right Balance

We know a lot of people out there like to say they care a whole lot about their customers, and many of them might. But when your business is on the line, how can you tell if they actually do?


Recently, my family and I visited a popular grocery chain here in Texas. My wife asked an employee stationed nearby which pastry mix came the closest to an authentic English scone. We’d recently traveled to London and both of us were craving them. The employee shook his head and said ‘Definitely not the one with blueberries.’ He then escorted us to the dried fruits section and explained that while on his most recent visit to England, he stayed with a friend who made scones with a specific type of dried currant berry. The store had the berry in stock and he filled a bag with them for us. He suggested a brand of mix to use and wrote down some alterations to the recipe on the back of the box. Then, just to ensure would have the most accurate of scone-eating experiences, he said, “Make sure you let me know what you think. This isn’t the only traditional English scone recipe and once you try these you’ll want to know the others.”


It’s quite simple really. You can spot how much a company values its customers by the level of service they provide. Are they passionate about their product, do they provide helpful insight and provide strategic plans that actually meet your goals?


We’d like to think that this experience explains how we feel about helping our clients in the service contract industry. Just ask any of them: they’ll tell you how New Leaf created just the right kind of service contract program for their business.


See, at New Leaf, we’ve never been too keen on traditional approaches. We don’t only want to see our business’s bottom line grow: we work hard to make sure that yours flourishes as well. That’s the advantage of choosing the right partner, no matter what the product or service. A partner that not only cares about the success of your business, but that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to accomplish the goals at hand and realize the potential of the future is necessary to thrive in the current marketplace. New Leaf wants to share what we have learned from our 50 years in the service contract industry and step in where we can to enhance your brand, create value for your customers and maximize profitability for your company.


According to Forrester, reliable information provided at the right time will be one of the top customer service needs forecast for businesses in 2014. Just like the grocer who went the extra mile to give us the best possible scone experience, it is how helpful and informative we are that makes the most difference to our customers. Check out our website (link), we have a whole system in place to take a look at what you’ve been doing, outline what you could be doing, then create and implement the systems necessary to grow and exceed what you thought was possible.


We offer many resources and data services that most mid-size retailers can’t afford to implement on their own. Let New Leaf make some key changes to the traditional approach and add in what really works.

Colder’s: A Case Study

Colder’s, an appliance and furniture retailer that is a partner of New Leaf’s based in Milwaukee, WI was looking to improve customer service, client retention and reduce product returns. Prior to working with New Leaf each of their five stores handled their own post-delivery calls, but struggled to track customer service, which was negatively impacting volume, retention rates and return customer loyalty.


Working together Colder’s and New Leaf were able to customize a solution for that responded to their specific needs and targeted their goals. Part of the unique plan included a proprietary My Colder’s Program, a vanity phone number and a dedicated team of agents to answer and respond to customer requests. We then received a daily feed on all Colder’s sales and tracked customer interactions. Using these tools for warranty and service both companies developed a program that lead to resounding success and achieved our stated goals through improved customer satisfaction.


In addition to creating the My Colder’s program, New Leaf and Colder’s created a free 2 year service contract for all appliances purchased at Colder’s. This allows Colder’s to offer something different and allows to compete against the big box retailers.  The rebate model used on the free service contract was used to fund the entire customer service program.


So did it work? Overwhelmingly, yes! Existing customers have been asked if they would shop at Colder’s again for their next appliance, and 94% respond that they would. These positive results helped to prove that small changes to existing infrastructure lead to huge improvements in customer retention, satisfaction and loyalty. Leaving the retailer’s employees time to focus energy on new sales and can leave customer service issues to New Leaf’s dedicated staff.


New Leaf’s customizable solutions allowed Colder’s to obtain their initial goals because New Leaf is truly unprecedented in the service contract industry. Each program is created for niche retailers that want underwriting and contract administration services for their customers, but don’t want the hassle or cost of the large contract providers. These retailers miss out time and time again because service costs are too high and they not customizable to their unique needs. Most unfortunate of all, these retailers are not getting the opportunity to fully serve their customers. Partnering with New Leaf affords growing retailers the chance to provide their customers with outstanding service options and stay competitive in the marketplace.


Find out what New Leaf can do for you today!


Sean M. Hicks, CEO

New Leaf Service Contracts LLC


Different is Good.

We’ve noticed a thing or two about our clients over the years that are pretty remarkable. They sure care a lot about their customers. And we at New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC believe sincerity is the most tangible element in any kind of relationship, especially business ones. Concentrating on your customer and delivering the best quality of goods and services is more than just business to us, it’s about cultivating and nourishing on-going relationships. We know that when your customers sign a contract, you’re committing goods and services you’ll be expected to deliver on for an extended length of time. We can help you meet those promises, overcome challenges along the way and exceed expectations so these relationships continue to grow.


As a whole, our clients tend not to be multinational corporations. They’re independent retailers intent on becoming the most reliable service to their pool of core customers. Helping you become the most ideal option in your customer segment is our ultimate goal. There’s no magic solution that works for everyone, that’s why we’ll partner with you to create products and procedures to meet the needs you’ve identified and haven’t found solutions for.


New Leaf service contracts allow dealers the flexibility to create a program around their clients’ needs. In addition to these custom programs, New Leaf provides further competitive advantage by developing branded marketing messaging, providing technical assistance such as staffed outbound call centers as well as direct mail and email tactics. We’ll help you develop a system to reach out to new customers and follow up with existing ones who opted out at the point of sale.


For example, Gotham Sales Co. located in Milburn, NJ, decided to switch from distributing for brands such as Sony, Admiral and Philco to New Leaf for service contract distribution. “We ended up developing a program for smaller-type dealers,” Danny Schwartzstein, President, said.


New Leaf worked with Gotham to develop a ServicePro card which customers take home and use to register their information on the website. By providing a system to capture customer data, New Leaf worked with what Gotham’s customers had access to, saving the retailer from having to put expensive systems in place and provided the technological resources they needed. “We are very pleased with how New Leaf expanded our existing resources and built our marketing foundation,” Danny says, “They really took our business to the next level.”


We don’t believe in traditional industry approaches because nobody’s the same. Together we can reach consumers differently, more effectively than your competitors in ways that will help them do better business. Let New Leaf help you grow your service contract business in a whole new way.

Proof Is In The Growth

How do you know if a business model works? It grows. New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC, is proud to celebrate 2013 as a year of triple digit growth. So much growth, in fact, we’ve had to move to a bigger facility.


So what’s behind all this growth? Well, our differences have always set us apart within the service contract industry and results show that these unique methods are defining our success. We know that everyone runs their businesses differently so we offer a variety of service plan options from several underwriters. If none of those quite fit, we’ll sit down and create a plan branded specifically for your business. These customized plans are what we have become known for and are responsible for directly growing our clients’ customer bases as well. They allow you to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations and gain their trust.


Substantial growth cannot be maintained without support. Just as a tree requires nourishment to flourish, so does your new service contract program. We provide administrative, technological and marketing support throughout the implementation of your new plan that includes training, reporting integration, data analytics and a suite of internally developed self-service tools.


Our numbers, however, are not the only aspect of our company that has experienced growth. For every ten contracts we sell, one tree is donated to our partner charity Plant-It-2020. This organization plants and protects trees worldwide to enhance the sustainability of our planet. Triple digit growth sure represents a lot of trees: in 2013 we planted over 7,000.


This growth is all connected: as we grow, so do our clients, their customers and the world’s forests. Thank you for making 2013 grow!

A New Resolve

The functionality of any mechanical device depends upon the cooperation of a variety of different parts. And there’s always more value in those pieces working together than operating separately. Good service contracts function with similar effectiveness when components of profit, service and customer retention are successfully integrated.


Any business-savvy professional knows that a recurring profit is the best kind of revenue. Every component of a good contract secures benefits for the seller and the buyer by providing recurring revenue for the dealer and recurring value for the customer.


The level of service a dealer offers directly influences the predictability of future revenue. Good customer service sells a product; great customer service increases the potential for future sales. Service contracts are the pathway to gain more of this kind of revenue for your business as customers satisfied with honored contracts return to make additional purchases. Pairing great customer service with an excellent service contract creates both recurring customers and recurring revenue.


Join with New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC and resolve with us to go beyond industry standards and innovate how each component of our business functions as a whole. Today is when we fulfill the promises we made last year and prepare for new growth – Don’t forget to tie profit, service and customer retention into your 2014 business plan.

Real Magic

The Christmas season is full of magical promises. Flying reindeer with free gifts and peace on Earth. Service contracts are promises of a similar nature: magically returning damaged products back to working condition with no extra cost. What can be more merry than that?


However, some of the most common concerns we hear from customers are about the cost-effectiveness of warranties. Consumers worry that the need for repairs is low or that if a repair is needed the provider won’t fulfill their promise.


According to a recent survey, 67 percent of shoppers are also concerned that manufacturer warranties alone do not provide enough protection for their purchases. It’s a concept common in finance, business and insurance that paying a little extra now will save in the long run and the majority of consumers agree: paying for an extended warranty is investing for the future.


When providers honor their promises, a service contract is a gift: a second gift to any Holiday present. They have a real and lasting effect on the value of the products we buy.


But instead of telling you we’re in the business of providing good service contracts that will save you money, we’ll just show you. Here’s a list of products with the average cost of extended warranties and their most common repairs placed side-by-side.



Laptop: $650                                Average Extended Warranty: $60 – $130

Component                                  Average Repair Cost

Mother Board                                         $400

LCD Screen                                             $325

Hard Drive                                               $200

Optical Drive                                           $175      


LCD TV (37″ or larger): $1,500     Average Extended Warranty: $100 – $300

Component                                  Average Repair Cost

Panel                                                        $1,100

Control Box                                             $475

Inverter and Main Board                        $330

Power Supply                                          $250


Refrigerator: $1,200                     Average Extended Warranty: $120 – $200

Component                                  Average Repair Cost

Compressor                                             $500

Condenser                                               $475

Evaporator                                               $380

Defrost Heater                                         $220


Tablet: $425                                 Average Extended Warranty: $40 – $120

Component                                  Average Repair Cost

Main Board                                              $300

Digitizer                                                   $170

LCD                                                          $200