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A New Resolve

The functionality of any mechanical device depends upon the cooperation of a variety of different parts. And there’s always more value in those pieces working together than operating separately. Good service contracts function with similar effectiveness when components of profit, service and customer retention are successfully integrated.


Any business-savvy professional knows that a recurring profit is the best kind of revenue. Every component of a good contract secures benefits for the seller and the buyer by providing recurring revenue for the dealer and recurring value for the customer.


The level of service a dealer offers directly influences the predictability of future revenue. Good customer service sells a product; great customer service increases the potential for future sales. Service contracts are the pathway to gain more of this kind of revenue for your business as customers satisfied with honored contracts return to make additional purchases. Pairing great customer service with an excellent service contract creates both recurring customers and recurring revenue.


Join with New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC and resolve with us to go beyond industry standards and innovate how each component of our business functions as a whole. Today is when we fulfill the promises we made last year and prepare for new growth – Don’t forget to tie profit, service and customer retention into your 2014 business plan.